How I can help you get YOUR story heard

As many of you know I’ve only recently started Write Communication.

But what you may NOT know is what it is that I actually do.

I’ve always worked in the media either as a journalist, or behind the scenes in media relations.

What that means is that I take enquiries from the media, find the information required from within the organisation I’m working for, and then get back to the journalist with a response.

Sometimes they need a quote, or a photograph. Or sometime they even want to interview someone from within the company. 

It’s my job, to organise all of that, as well as to ensure the spokesperson is fully briefed on the subject that the journalist is enquiring about.

I’ve always worked for large government press offices, but there are also many ‘smaller’ businesses that could use a person like me. But they don’t need a ‘ME’ full time.

I bet as some point you’ve heard someone say, “you need to tell someone at Channel 7 about that’, or ‘that’s a great story, you need to get that in the paper.” But that’s as far as it goes, as no one really knows how to go about contacting the RIGHT media, with the RIGHT information at the RIGHT time to generate coverage on that issue.

There’s a LOT of local businesses out there that just DON’T HAVE THE TIME to be drafting press releases, co-ordinating responses, setting up photo or interview opportunities and so, their story NEVER gets heard. 

But, they are in luck – because that’s where Write Communication comes in. I can take the hassle out of media relations for any size business or organisation.

If you have a business, or know someone that does, please go to, like, and SHARE my Facebook Page, Write Communication with ALL your friends, and check in regularly here at my website - there's some cool stuff about to happen.

There’s going to be some really cool stuff coming soon that will help LOTS of people get their story heard so stay tuned.